Satin Heatless Curling Kit


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Create perfect waves & curls without the heat damage
Keeps your hair frizz-free & prevents breakage.
Simple to use and can be worn day or night.


Benefits of switching to heatless curls

1. Excessive heat on hair can weaken the follicles, leading to breakage and increased hair loss.

2. Perfect for beginners as doesn’t require any special styling skills. Wrap your hair in minutes for effortless curls.

3. Made with a soft, satin material which glides through your hair without getting caught avoiding pulling or breakage. Unlike hot styling tools that can damage your hair, the heatless curling kit lets you get the look without the frizz.


Attach the styling rod to your hair using the claw clip to the top centre of your head. Then starting on one side, wrap your slightly damp hair in sections around the satin curling rod secure with scrunchie when all the hair is wrapped. Repeat on other side and for best results leave in overnight or for 4-6 hours whilst you get on with your day!

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